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Gertjan Kaspers receives royal decoration

On September 26, during the Charity Event of World Child Cancer, Professor Dr. Gertjan Kaspers was appointed Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion. The award was presented by mayor Tjapko Poppens.

Gertjan says: 'I didn't know anything about it. At one point I was asked to come on stage. And I knew I had to come on stage a few times, but I thought, this is a weird moment. When I saw the mayor it only dawned on me a little bit. It was very special. A bit emotional too. I was quite tired and busy, such an event takes a lot of time. In total the mayor spent ten minutes explaining why I had to be knighted, which gave me time to recover a bit...'.

In his long career, Gertjan Kaspers has made an important contribution to improving the survival chances of children with cancer. Not only in the Netherlands, but worldwide. Both as a pediatric oncologist, but also as Director of Academy & Outreach, he means a lot to our center and to a number of Foundations. Moreover, Gertjan Kaspers played an important role in the establishment of the Princess Máxima Center.

'I also see it as recognition for the time I put into a lot of things. And also real recognition for what my team achieves,' says Gertjan. The professor is described by colleagues as an excellent researcher, a fine colleague and an inspired doctor who is very involved with children and their parents.

On behalf of the entire center, we congratulate Gertjan Kaspers on this special award.