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80 young pediatric oncologists take Master Course

Today and tomorrow, November 10 and 11, the third module of the Pediatric Oncology Master Course is taking place at the Máxima Center. 80 participants from around the world are gaining knowledge about neuro-oncology.

The Master Course Pediatric Oncology is organized by the Academy, Gertjan Kaspers and Lenneke Schrier are the driving forces behind the substantive program. Most participants attend live at the Máxima Center in and around the auditorium, some participate online. Participants are pediatricians-in-training to become pediatric oncologists, or just became pediatric oncologists. The first module of this series was in November 2021, the second in April this year and was about hemato-oncology, the last module is scheduled in April next year and will be about solid tumors.


Gertjan Kaspers, director of academy & outreach, host and initiator of the Master Course says: ‘The course provides an advanced-level theoretical and applied curriculum for pediatric oncology fellows and other colleagues working in pediatric oncology. The Master Course consists of four modules and takes two years to complete. Each module has a comprehensive six-week online pre-program in the MaxiWise learning hub that covers key concepts and supports learning. Today and tomorrow are the live days and topics are explored in depth.'


Lenneke Schrier, fellow in pediatric oncology, is responsible for the program together with Gertjan: 'In the current module, we cover medical knowledge about diagnosis and treatment, complications and late effects. But we also practice clinical skills, such as giving emergency treatment and palliative care, and dealing with ethical dilemmas. We aim to educate the international company in an engaging way. Therefore, the program includes many interactive components, such as case-based quizzes, workshops, escape rooms, tumor boards and expert sessions.’


This Master Course pays special attention to the integration of acquired knowledge, innovations in molecular diagnostics and treatment options, neuroimaging and neurosurgery, and translational science. Gertjan: ‘We value work on professional skills, such as personal and professional development and teamwork. Of course, we also do this interactively for the best learning efficiency. It is a privilege to host so many talented young people in the Máxima Center. They come from 30 countries. The Master Course fits our international top position as a pediatric oncology center.'