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Pediatric oncology profiling internship

We are looking for AIOS Pediatrics students interested in a pediatric oncology profiling internship at the Princess Máxima Center for 6 months. You will work independently in the outpatients clinic and day care and in the clinic and will be actively supported by members of the pediatric oncology staff.

This internship is in itself an excellent way of furthering your academic development, as well as being outstanding preparation for working in a so-called shared care hospital with pediatric oncology as its focus area, or a pediatric oncology fellowship. It is also an opportunity to contribute to establishing this brand new center.

We are team players, with short lines of communication and with a lot of attention to education and training. Patients as well as employees come from all over the Netherlands. That is why a flexible, tolerant and collegiate approach is necessary. Of course, we are looking for colleagues with a demonstrable interest in and motivation for pediatric oncology.

If this appeals to you and you are interested in doing your profiling internship with us, please send your application letter and cv to Prof. Dr. Gertjan Kaspers via stageverzoeken@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl.